Middle-Aged Escorts: Better With Age

People say experience is the best teacher, however, for teenagers and adolescents, this expression means a lot more to them. They (adolescents) try virtually everything; drugs, sex, partying at all levels. According to the teenagers, especially college students, they know this stage as the only opportunity they have to sample the social world. So was the case of a young college boy, Samuel, who’s a sex enthusiast. Ever since he joined college, he’s had sex with several teenage girls, both within college and outside college. Never does Samuel let a sexual opportunity pass him. In his second year in college, Samuel spent most of his evening and weekends at house-parties where he could easily meet new and pretty college girls, which in the end could become his new conquests. As part of his exploration, Samuel did not miss out on a few orgies here and there organized by his friends and classmates.

With sexual exploration mind, hardly a week could pass without Samuel bedding a new college mate. Most of these college girls loved his partying lifestyle, and he could treat a girl like a princess. After exploiting his opportunities with college girls, he moved a step higher and started dating young escorts in London. Even though most of the London escorts he dated were in their early to mid-twenties, Samuel was excited in dating professionals. These escorts were better experienced in handling him and his needs than did the college girls; Samuel could get a feeling of dating equals.

Due to his love for the bottle, Samuel together with his escorts could at times indulge to the extent of not having sex. One common thing with these escorts is that they could forget that their client comes first in matters of sexual satisfaction. According to Samuel, these young escorts could best give him the best experience when he’s already decided about what he wants to do while with them. He could at times complain of getting young escorts who had very little experience in bed that he found it hard to properly utilize his time with the escorts. From Samuel’s experience with escorts, getting an inexperienced young escort requires an experienced client, for him (client) to have sexual satisfaction.

After a series of disappointments with young escorts, Samuel opted to go for experienced and relatively older escort to satisfy his increasing sexual desires. One day, he called an escort agency and ordered a 34-year-old escort, Eva, with an escort experience of sixteen years. On their first date, Samuel received a never seen before service. Samuel had never imagined that he could cum by simply getting a body massage! Massage was nothing compared to what Samuel went through afterwards; Eva redefined what oral sex could mean to Samuel. Samuel could lie down on his bed leaving all his body exposed, as directed by Eva. She then could start with a kiss, move down to his neck and down to his manhood. She could take her time in this area, at least for the start. Eva’s action in this area could be confused for a lollipop in someone’s mouth. You could think that she’s preventing the sweetness from spilling; she did it with a lot of attention. She then went to the perineum. Not even Samuel can describe what he felt. As though this was not enough, when it came to the normal sex, she could shake herself rhythmically, making Samuel feel like sticking his “banana” deeper to deposit the honey it got; an experience he’s never had. When she became aware that Samuel was about to cum, she made Samuel withdraw and have his stiff “Banana” in her mouth, making her mouth and face area become decorated with the “cream-like” stuff. Due to Eva’s experience, Samuel had a sexual pleasure of its kind like never before; with college girls and young escorts in London.

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